Our services include: educational services for students who intend to study abroad, Visa advice/guide, admission application guide, Guide on how to get scholarships to foreign universities, also, pre-departure briefing, hotel and accommodation reservations etc.
Client satisfaction is our top priority. In fact, we take every client’s admission and visa process personally at Revs Konsult. We go out of our ways to guide them through the right process and steps to take in order for them to achieve their dreams.

Admission Application

We assist students with securing UG/PGDip/PG/ studies admission, course option counseling, Statement of Purpose (SOP) consultation for foreign Universities and colleges.


We provide students with funding application and scholarship opportunities, bursaries, Statement of Purpose (SOP) consultation and tuition fee discounts for oversea universities.

Immigration Consultancy

We guide people through the right processes and steps to Canadian PR, UK NHS jobs and work visa for registered nurses, study visa, POF, Seeking redress for visa denials and appealing previous visa refusals, predeparture briefing, ticket booking, hotel and accommodation reservations and airport pickup

Our Success Stories

After my undergraduate degree in 2013, I started searching for scholarships for international students. I did this with dedication for over a year but I could not secure even half fee scholarship. A family friend introduced me to Revs in 2015, where I was properly guide on how to write standard SOP and apply for the right scholarships. With constistency and step by step guide from Revs Konsult, I got a full scholarship in few months - Nothing is impossible indeed.
Steve Chinonso
I have always wanted to study abroad but was discouraged by tuition fees of some schools. After I came in contact with Revs Konsult, they recommended to me schools with low deposit and flexible tuition payment plans. Now I'm able to work, study, and also pay fees and bills all by myself. Thanks to Revs, I will be an MSc holder in few months.
Adedoyin Maxwell
United Kingdom
My cousin who studied with one of the cofounder of Revs Konsult introduced me to Revs' educational services. I sent my docs to them and they were reviewed, after that list of courses were sent to me. They actually recommended data science for me but I was skeptical at that time, so they had to convinced me base on the employability of the course and lots of opportunities in the tech industry for Data scientist. Today, I can say this was the best decision of my life. God bless Revs Konsult.
Godsave Ikaba
United Kingdom
I will continue to express how grateful I am to this organisation. They were so helpful throughout all the stages of my application. From my statement of purpose, to admission, interview, visa and my arrival in the US. In the US, they also linked me with other Nigerian students who has made my stay here wortwhile.
Yoleme Okolo